Who is echter ontwerp?

Who is echter ontwerp? That is me: Willemieke van den Brink
In July of 2013 I graduated ArtEZ Institute of the Arts as graphic designer.
During my finals I did a research project on identity and authenticity of a human. It was named To the Core. It was a splendid project whereby I won the academy award. At the time, I didn’t know that this work contains and reveals qualities of me which forms the fundament of a social designer.

Straight after my exams I started my own studio, Willemieke van den Brink, graphic design.
Besides the regular design assignments I noticed that doing artistic research, social projects and working with and for people and society gave me a lot of energy in return.
Slowly I got involved in the world of social design, still working under my own name.
In 2015 I decided to focus completely on ‘Social design’
Social design is a word that is used in very different ways and carries different translations.
For me, social design is relating myself and my work to life, human and society.

“This can be a research on solutions for informal care by family; or a project on the mentally ill still living a purposeful life but cannot talk about their illness because of the taboos. It can be a project on vulnerability or about connecting different people.
The common thread for me, is trying to eliminate misunderstandings; finding solutions to insoluble problems; and doing this with every sense in my body. To cooperate with all sorts of different disciplines, keep adventuring, researching and discovering.

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