Accessory for breast self-examination

The breast self-examination is quite complex, and is only done by a few women monthly.
I designed an accessory that will make self-examination easier, but also much more detailed.
It is made from a very thin, stretchy fabric, on the fabric are accompanying lines and texts, so that the problem areas will be checked.
You should wear the band on your naked skin, and can be read in front of the mirror. The band is provided with a packaging, on which is comprehensive information about breast self-examination.

This accessory was the result of an assignment when I was still in college. My wish was to introduce the product on the market, so the unpleasant breast self-examination, could be more comfortable and detailed. After several conversations with interested persons, Hunkemöller was interested and wanted to put the product on the market, as long as it was medically approved.
I had a conversation with Mr Emiel Rutgers, Professor of surgical oncology. He told me that recent studies have shown that breast self-examination by women does not increase the chances of survival. This research made my accessory not redundant.

The introduction to healthcare as a designer while I was still in college, gave me the eppiphany that I could make meaningful work in my own work field, and also help other people with my work.