During a research assignment in health care, we experienced with the increase of legislation, less freedom for the healthcare professional to solve problems on their own way. Along with social designers Tabo Goudswaard and Jaap Warmenhoven we set up Carehacks.nl

Hacking is a term that comes from the computer world, but now it arrived in the healthcare. Hackers are interacting with the systems and proceedings in a critical and interactive way. Our wish is to give that mindset to the healthcare professional. For that, you need boldness and dexterity; It is innovation for the workplace, brought to the workplace. Carehacks.nl starts with sharing ideas, creating more appreciation for ingenuity and making much more use of it. We want to create a lively and critical movement that can be a boost to the whole healthcare sector.

You can contribute to this! Think outside the existing borders, and actually help your client! Inspire your colleagues by sending your carehack to info@carehacks.nl.

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