Article in Mister Motley | Paper Podium

Mister Motley | Paper podium | Wieke Teselink Wieke Teselink of Mister Motley interviewed Anja Cohen and me as a result of our exhibition together: De dingen hebben jou nodig om gezien te kunnen worden. The article is written in Dutch, you can find it here. Translated fragment: 'The living room is not copied from

State of the Arts in RTV Oost

State of the Arts in RTV Oost The Dutch television program Over Uit De Kunst filmed in the Stedelijk Museum Zwolle during State of the Arts. Alle exhibited artworks are in the show, also my work. I also tell something about my work, after 2.00 minutes in the film.

ArtEZ Finals 2013 magazine

ArtEZ Finals 2013 magazine My graphic work in the online magazine of ArtEZ. And much more other great projects from other graduators. Find it here. To the core WILLEMIEKE VAN DEN BRINK / GRAPHIC DESIGN ‘My graduation project shows people revealing their identity to one another. I divided the degree of exposure into six

Academy award Art & Design 2013 Zwolle

Academy award Art & Design 2013 Zwolle With my graduation project, a research about identity and authenticity of human beings, I won the academy award! More about the project here. Jury report The visual work of Willemieke is all about having value, giving value and using the space around it. The starting point of

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