is ook van jou social design

‘Is ook’ is a unique collaboration between artists, designers and the organisation advisors of Twynstra Gudde.
For the evaluation of the transition of a large healthcare facility, ‘Is ook’ asked me to join their team, as social designer.
To get an accurate idea of the company, we wanted to speak as many employees as possible. To do this, we started the project: ‘is ook van jou’ (it’s also yours). It is an open invitation to converse with each other, to speak your mind freely.
We didn’t want them to just randomly talk to each other. First of all, we started by taking interviews with key figures in the organization. Based on these interviews we adopted a number of themes where we wanted to talk about during the sessions. Each of these themes got a place in the room, allowing us to discuss with the staff in different ways.
For example: we had ‘GoedFout’ (GoodWrong) to research How much room for trial and error there was in the company.
We made the ‘Verlanglijnen’ (wish lines) which provide employees to make connections in other sections of the company.
There was also the ‘bevrijdende kader’ (liberation framework) Where one could specify exactly which were helping guidelines, and which were not.

However, we wanted to do a bit more than uncovering certain problems, finding solutions for them (e.g. Carehacking is a result of that) and the interaction between the employees. We wanted to do something permanent.
We joined all our findings, themes and images of the research in a calendar named: ‘2015 is ook van jou’ (2015 is also yours). Each employee got a copy.
This way we inspired them to keep connecting with each other, to stay creative and initiative.
It turned out to be a beautiful and valuable cooperation, in which I have contributed with great pleasure.

For example:

Initiate a wall of fame. Which people or actions you think should be famous?
Create a mascot for your team or district. To help you, you can also choose one of the examples.
Toilet: take a whiteboard marker and write an exclamation or frustration on the toilet wall.